Lash Application
Eyelash Extensions are a simple but fascinating way to enhance your natural beauty, by adding a false lash to your natural lash. Mezmereyez by Tonoi is dedicated to preserving the health of your natural lash.  Being said, I take integrity in my work. . As a Licensed Esthetician I will always give a professional recommendation for length and thickness during the consultation to give you styling choices. I carry a wide variety of lashes in my lounge to choose from. All of my supplies and products used, are the highest of quality lash material on the market and  have been professionally selected by me to ensure the highest standards to best suit you, my valued client.


-No Mascara needed.

-Can swim, work out and shower with lashes.

-Wake up with long, full, sexy lashes.

- Open eyes.

-Minimal  maintenance (cuts "getting ready" time in the morning).

-Helps with eye contact, in return boost confidence.

Full Set Options

Classic Full Set

A full set of lashes, applied to every healthy natural lash. They're longer, fuller, thicker, and more defined. (Think light-weight strip lashes).

Hybrid (Mixed) Full Set

A full set mixture of "Classic" and "Volume" lashes to give the ultimate flirty look.


Volume Full Set

A full set of lashes by applying 3 or more light weight extensions (referred to as fans) onto every single healthy natural lash. Handmade and hand crafted- fans are created to give your lashes density and fluffiness. Great for hiding natural gaps in lashes. (Think full, strip lashes, without the weight or heaviness). Don't let the name fool you! Volume lashes can also be used to create a natural look as well.

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Please consider the following:

*Must have natural lashes! I can ONLY place a false lash onto a real eyelash.

* To keep lashes full, fills are required every 2-3 weeks, to remove any lashes that are loose and attach new lashes.


Aftercare is also extremely important and crucial to protect your investment. Even if I create the most beautiful application, it is up to you to care for your extensions properly in order to get the most wear out of them. Every client is provided with the instructions and tools to maintain their lashes.

What Are Fills?

An eyelash fill is the process of removing old, grown out or twisted lashes and replace them with new lashes. Generally we lose about 3-5 natural lashes  per day, but because they are so little and thin we do not notice them. Once false lashes are attached to natural lashes, it is more apparent once the lashes fall off. In order to prevent drooping or sagging lashes, fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks.

Please note when booking a lash fill, if you can count how many eyelash extensions are on, it is considered a full set and not a fill.

Fill Options

30 Min. Fill

30 minute fill. This touch up applies to Classic and Hybrid.

Not available for Volume.

60 Min. Fill

Recommended fill every 2-3 weeks for Classic, Hybrid and Volume.


90 Min. Fill

 Recommended for those past 3 weeks or wanting to add extra drama to their current set. Available for Classic, Hybrid and Volume.

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